The Macaya breast-spot frog

22 Nov 2014

macaya breast spot frog

Ranger Rom Hi guys!

Our smaller animals are just as important as the more exciting and larger animals and I love frogs!

Frogs play an important role in keeping our ecosystem in balance. Frogs feed on insects that live in our waterways. This helps to keep our waterways clean. When we pollute our waters the smaller insects die. In turn this depletes the frogs’ food source.

Even having an exotic pet, like a snake can cause issues. That is why it is important to never release your pets back into the wild.

The Macaya breast-spot frog is among the smallest frogs in the world. Adults are about the size of a grape!

The Macaya breast-spot frog is a critically endangered species that is endemic to Haiti. It can only be found in the remote pine and cloud forests’ of the Morne Macaya and Morne Formon peaks.

Prior to October 2010, the species was last seen in 1991. To date there has been little attempts to preserve the small frogs’ unique home. Increases in logging and water pollution has led to further damage of the Macaya frog’s habitat.

As the future generation we need to do something before they all disappear!

macaya breast spot frog

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