The Savanna Baboon

03 Nov 2014

Savanna Baboon/Chacma Babooon

Ranger Rom Hi guys!The Chacma baboon or Savanna baboon is found in our african savanna.

They live lives just like ours, they will roost in the trees at night, and take their time to wake up in the morning by grooming each other.

Grooming helps strengthen social bonds, just like when we help each other.

After all the grooming, they will head out and forage for food, they love eating berries from trees, and you will often see them sitting at the top of trees.

The dominant male will often pick the best spot in the tree!

Unfortunately, people have been feeding them, and this is not a good thing, because they associate people with food, and will often steal food from us. So if you ever see one, please try not to feed them. They more than capable to survive without our food.

Savanna Baboon/Chacma Babooon

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