The White Rhinoceros

03 Nov 2014

White Rhino

Ranger Rom Hi guys!The white rhino is found in our african savanna.

The white rhino is a grazer, and so it will eat grass. They play an important part in the nutrient life cycle, by keeping the grass short and allowing new growth to form.

They have excellent hearing which compensates for their poor eye sight.

They are easy to track, due to easily spotting their large foot prints, especially the bull (male), which marks his territory with middens (scrapings and urine).

They are endangered, because people are poaching them for their rhino horn. I am not sure why, because the horn is made of keratin, which is a protein found in hair and fingernails.

Did you know that Rhino Reth is a white rhino, that is why he is so strong and muscular!

White Rhino

Here is a reference to compare the black rhino and white rhino.

White Rhino

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