The Meerkat (Suricate)

05 Nov 2014


Ranger Rom Hi guys!

I really love these mongooses. They live in large family units and you will often find one of them on guard duty (Sentinel). He will be scanning the skies for any large birds of prey, like the Martial eagle which will swoop down at an incredible speed and catch one of the poor unsuspecting mongoose.

I know we all love sunglasses, well, a meerkat also has a pair of sunglasses. If you look closely at their eyes, there is a black patch underneath them, these serve to absorb light, which helps to improve their eye sight in order to survive. I guess they evolved with this cool feature due to living in harsh places like the Kalahari desert.

So if you need a pair of sunglasses, you can also use some black face paint and dress up as a meerkat :)


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