The Hyena

06 Nov 2014


Ranger Rom Hi Guys!

We all need to clean the house now and again, even if it is not the best thing to do, but it helps keep the place neat and tidy and free from nasty germs.

The bush is no exception and one of the cleaners is the Hyena. Without them, diseases from dead animals would spread and many animals you see today would not be around.

Hyena’s are opportunists and will eat an entire carcass, including the bones. They help stop the spread of diseases like the anthrax bacterium.

If you looked at a hyena’s pooh, you will notice that it is white, from all the calcium they ingest in their diet, since they eat allot of bones.

If you ever walking in the african bush and see animal bones, it is best not to touch them, as the anthrax virus might be present in the bones.

Female hyena’s run the show, and there is an alpha female in every cackle. I know they look more like dogs, but genetically, they are more related to cats!

We have the brown hyena and the spotted hyena. The spotted is much larger. If you ever track a hyena down, the brown hyena has much smaller tracks and you can see some of the brown hyena’s fur in the footprints.

So, the next time you see these wonderful animals in the bush, remember, that they help keep our african bush clean. Check out the White-backed vulture, which is another awesome cleaner that comes from the skies.


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