The Leopard

07 Nov 2014


Ranger Rom Hi guys!

Leopards are one of my favourite cats in the family felidae. if you ever come across one while walking in the bush, never make eye contact with them. Unlike other animals that you meet in the bush that are dangerous, you would keep eye contact and slowly walk back, and definitely not run!

However, with leopards, you must walk sideways from them and not look at them at all, act as if you did not even notice it. You will then have a better chance of living to tell the tale :)

Leopards are solitary and very territorial. You will often find a male leopard living next door to a few other female leopards and will have overlapping territories. Males will never share each other’s territories. So do not expect to find a leopard family, unless it is the mother and her cubs only.

The spots on a leopard act as camouflage, as it helps them blend in with the natural environment, especially the savanna, where you have tall yellow grass, like the yellow thatching grass.


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