The Impala

10 Nov 2014


Ranger Rom Hi guys!

The impala is one of the animals you will find at the bottom of the food chain. The big predators like the lions and leopards will be on the top of the food chain, since no other animals will hunt them.

These beautiful antelope live in a harem, where one male will have many females. You can easily spot the male, with its beautiful long horns. However, when the males are still young, they will group with other males in bachelor herds to increase there chance of survival.

The mating time, which is during the winter (March to May), one territorial ram gathers a herd of up to 30 and even more ewes (females) and defends and protects them from other rams (mature males).

The females will usually outlive the males, because of the amount of energy a male uses to defend his harem.

If you ever out in the african bush, you will see plenty of impala around, as they breed and “flood the market” with lots of juvenile impala, which is a good supply of food for the apex predators.


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