The Buffalo

11 Nov 2014


Ranger Rom Hi guys!

If you ever encounter one of these majestic beasts in the bush, you can tell if they know you around, because they will lift their noses into the air, to get a better smell of your scent.

When you encounter buffalos whilst walking, make sure you keep your distance and always be downwind from them, so that they do not smell you. Buffalo and many other animals can detect a human’s scent.

Males have much larger horns than the female, and the base of the males horns go across their head, it is also called “the boss”. They use these for defence, and you might be lucky enough to come across two male buffalos having a fight!

These are formidable creatures, and when threatened will stick together as a herd. If you ever encounter them and they have noticed you, stand your ground and slowly back away, and remember to NEVER run in the bush!

One of their greatest enemies is the lion, and many epic battles have been seen amongst them!

You will often see the popular Red-billed oxpecker perching on top of them, pecking off and eating the ticks.

The buffalo benefits from the nasty ticks being removed and the ox-pecker gets a great lunch, this sort of symbiotic relationship, where both benefit is known a mutualism.

Can you see the Yellow-billed oxpecker oxpecker on the buffalo below?

Buffalo Photo

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