The Waterbuck

23 Nov 2014

Ranger Rom Hi guys!

Do you know what is close to a waterbuck? Well, when we were stuck in the bush and list, we spotted a waterbuck and instantly knew that water was close by. Waterbuck are always close to water sources like rivers.

The waterbuck has a brown-grayish hairy coat and only the males have horns. Their coat has a pungent smell.

As the name implies, you will always find waterbuck near a water source. They never venture far from water as they very dependent on it.

The mother will hide her calves and will visit them three to four times a day so that the calf can suckle.

Unlike impala who have a specific time of year for breeding, the waterbuck can breed throughout the year, and so females will mate again soon.

When we are in the bush and tracking animals, it can sometimes be very difficult to identify a waterbuck track, as it can easily be confused with the wildebeest track. I met an old African tracker a while back. He said that the best way to identify the waterbuck track is to notice that the front hooves have a heart shape, where the wildebeests’ are more squarish.

Their main predators are lion, hyenas and crocodiles.

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