The Warthog

10 Dec 2014

Ranger Rom Hi Guys!

Warthogs are definitely my favorite pigs. They called warthogs because the male has four warts on his face and the female has two warts. I guess the warts act as a protection mechanism against lions and leaopards, which is their main predator.

They are one of the only pigs that can last in the African savanna without water for a few months. However, you will usually find them close to water holes, where they often take a mud bath. They will regular go for a mud bath to clean off the ticks and other nasty parasites.

You will often find them living in burrows underneath termite mounds. It is really funny to watch them run back into their burrows. They will run at great speeds and then just before reaching their burrow, will do a 180 turn and reverse-slide into their burrow! They do this, so that when they come out of their burrows, they have their tusks out first, for defense.

If you ever walking in the African savanna and see a burrow , make sure you walk around it! I have seen too many people getting knocked over by a charging warthog, and their tasks can definitely cause a nasty wound on your legs, and even break them!

They love to eat short grass. Using their snout and tusks, it also digs for bulbs, tubers and roots during the dry season.

What do you call a group of warthogs together?

Answer: “A sounder of warthogs”.

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