The Gorilla

16 Dec 2014

Ranger Rom Hi Guys!

Gorillas are very intelligent primates. A captive gorilla named Koko, learned to communicate with sign language and knew over 1,000 signs and could understand over 2, 000 words!

They are mainly herbivores, their diet consisting of fruit, bamboo and leafy plants.

There are two species of gorilla. The eastern and western gorilla, subspecies - eastern lowland and mountain (eastern) and western lowland and cross river (western). The two species live in central Africa. There is only about 300 cross river gorillas left in the world, and about 100 000 - 200 000 western lowland gorillas.

Police use our fingerprints to track criminals. Humans all have a unique fingerprint. Gorillas share a similar trait, and each have a unique nose-prints.

Did you know that 98% of a gorilla’s DNA is the same as humans? I guess that is why gorillas also have different personalities and the mothers are very affectionate to their young.

They are very peaceful animals and it is very rare for them to become aggressive unless they are surprised or under a direct threat.

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