The Sarcosuchus

28 Nov 2014

Ranger Rom Hi guys!

Have you ever seen a super crocodile?

The forty foot long Sarcosuchus weighed about 8 tons, nearly the size of a bus!

I saw a really big salt water crocodile at Wildlife Sydney. If you ever in Sydney, Australia then definitely head to the wildlife center.

They lived the typical crocodile lifestyle, lurking in the African rivers during the middle Cretaceous period. Just imagine how it would sneak up to rather large dinosaurs and launch itself right out of the water and devour the unsuspecting victim!

Crocodiles are one of the oldest living reptiles and they highly adaptable. They have a very strong immune system, but they also under threat from poaching (for their skin) and fertilizers (farming and gardens).

Pollutants like fertilizers causes a depletion of anti-oxidants, a condition known as pansteatitis, resulting in the hardening of the crocodile’s fat reserves into a rubber-like mass, which is unavailable for normal metabolism.

It is also extremely painful and the animal loses mobility. A similar incident in South Africa was linked to a mass die off of fish caused by sewerage pollution that was followed by a blue-green algae bloom. The crocodiles feasted on the masses of dead fish, including the rotten fish with rancid fat. This is still an ongoing study today, as many crocodiles are dying and scientists are trying hard to find out.

We should all try to do our best and protect our environment. Even our fierce crocodile is in danger from us humans. The best way to help is to live nice and simply.

Remember guys, we are the caretakers of our beautiful planet :)

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